Wednesday, November 30, 2011

twas november 30th

Not a creature was stirring, oh wait...we're not there yet!

Today there was MUCH stirring in the Cooley household.  Our good friend Kari came over for some stick pony crafting this morning, while I worked on Angry Bird sticks for nephews.  Nash enjoyed some iPad play while the girls enjoyed the crafting mix.

There are many things I love about this season.  November draws my heart to a place of Thanksgiving while waiting on the Christmas season to approach.  It's here and!  All of me is head over heels, completely in love with this season!  I have been enjoying adding touches to our home.  Oh, so much fun!

This year we are beginning the Jesse Tree tradition with Nash.  The tree is up and I'm eager to begin our first day of Advent celebration once Eric gets home!  Each day there's an ornament and reading highlighting elements of the Advent season.

Yesterday Nash and I worked on garland and other random Christmas(y) things to place around the house; we're happy with the outcome!

I love the image of the nativity. This one is a picture of "no room at the inn."  Eric bought it for me last Christmas, I get so excited to reopen those Christmas boxes each year and rediscover all that's hidden inside.  We are so blessed to have so much!  I love how the nativity reflects the true beauty during this Christmas season!

I was going to use the mittens found on clearance last year for advent, but due to our Jesse Tree they've now become our Christmas countdown.  I'm loving having teeny mittens hanging in the house!  I may just have to find a reason to leave them up year round.

The hustle and bustle was had today by the Nashman as he enjoyed craft time to the eXtreme!  He was a crafting kiddo after mama's crafting with Kari.  We enjoyed play dough, paint and a little school lesson on shapes today. Being his mama sure is TONS O FUN!

A boy and his play dough -- hours and hours of entertainment!  We are loving the homemade play dough he received last year for Christmas.  I haven't ever had to buy any; thanks Amber!

I was getting a shot of his hand and he was struggling to smile.  I finally got a cheeser grin!

This is Nash's oval; I was an impressed mama! It may look a lot like a circle, but he's gotta begin somewhere!

The mister mister has been loving his pirate socks.  Ahoy Matey!  

Enjoy this first day of the Advent season and the last day of our Thankful month; may our hearts continue to yearn for more understanding and depth as we focus on: 
Christ; the One who gave it all! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Almost Thanksgiving

Well. Here. I. Am.

July 8th (last post)...where has the time gone?  I apparently haven't been in blogging mode for MONTHS!  I'm sure my few followers haven't even missed my musings...if you have I'm grateful.

Life has come and gone. Moments have been sacred, cherished, mourned, celebrated and simply lived.

All in all -- I can confidently say; I am blessed beyond measure.

I love this holiday season and all that stirs within my soul.  Daily I'm able to reflect upon how incredibly blessed I am.  I have an amazing husband, a beautiful boy, a warm house and MORE than I can list through words on a page.

God is giving, gracious, merciful and oh so tender -- I am delighted to be His!

My sweet Nasher turned 2...TWO!  I can hardly believe it!  He is a pure delight in our lives!  We are so lucky to share life with him and what a great week we had as his life was celebrated by so many!  He is SO loved and cherished...again; BLESSED!

He is full of life and love and energy and joy and delight and sometimes he can be naughty.  There was apparently a switch turned on the day he entered 2, we've had more teachable moments in the past week than it seems we've had in the first 2 years.  I am so thankful that I get to wrestle with myself as I parent during the trying times.  What a blessing to be home with this beautiful burst of life!  Our family is SO much better because of this little boy!

N - A - S - H