Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our Sweet School Time

This sweet boy... this almost 3 years old boy...this soak it all in boy...
He's MINE and I'm so grateful!

We began our official launch of preschool this Fall. Last year we enjoyed many school like activities, but this year we're beginning to have a somewhat normal preschool routine in our home. He thinks it's great that he gets to go to school, even though it simply means pulling out our school table, chair and supplies. It's such a delight to watch him take it all in and desire to learn and grow each day! I love that I get to be his teacher! What a gift it is to be home with him each and every day! 

We have been enjoying many activities lately. The weather is changing and we both LOVE watching the leaves fall from the trees as we embrace wonderful Fall! 

sorting bugs in muffin tins

building towers using Lego Duplos and practicing patterning and quantifying

playing parking lot to work on # recognition

coloring a pumpkin from our garden

drawing a story and telling mama about it

Monday, June 25, 2012


The river was going to be for dipping toes. It became their oasis. With each step they chose to explore a bit further. It was a fabulous outing with dear friends and truly a glimpse of three boys embracing boyhood!

Summer in Laramie is beautiful!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living this beautiful life, one day at a time.

Time passes.
We are always going.
It may be an outing;
The library.
The grocery store.
The park, a friend's house, church.
Time continues.
Each day passes.
Breathe deep.
Take each one.
A gift.
For time continues.
It is precious.

He grows.
I am humbled.
To be his mama.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello. Not many faithful followers, but I need to blog. I need to write. I need to grow. This is for those who will one day share my story. My fervent prayer is that it will be worth telling, worth learning from. Life is rich. It is unexpected. It is vibrant. Life takes many roads and we get to pursue those paths as chosen. This is good. I'm often challenged by the freedoms we're given. I sometimes wish I would choose to savour deeply ALL of these moments. The exciting. The mundane. The sad. The joyful. Life is good. I'm SO fortunate and oh so blessed! God continues to stir. To move. To speak. I continue to sometimes listen. Sometimes respond. I speak far too much! My heart's desire is to be HIS. His alone. This causes tension in the depths. It causes an aching sometimes unbearable. Why do I choose to fight this beautiful dance He chooses to offer? He is holy. I am not. He is pure. I am not. He is faithful. I am not. Today I choose Him. Not me, but Him. I will fall. I'll choose to get up again and follow. His leading is far beyond me and today I rejoice in that! He is God! I am His!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


i'm learning. i'm grateful. it's sometimes hard, but oh so worth it!

i have been eagerly anticipating each new lent reading. it's amazing the things that i thought i understood about Christ to which i truly didn't have any insight.

lent means springtime -- a joyous season.

that's my heart's desire; to live joyfully.

i'm challenged by this because so often i'm selfish in too many ways.

to understand just a teensy bit more about Christ's suffering while reading and practicing the act of forgiveness i'm finding growth -- this new springtime in my own life.  i love that!

to grow and be challenged.  may my God continue to lead me down this road.  i want to grow, i want to understand my loving Savior that much more so that i may be able to share Him with ALL that i meet.

today i'm grateful for this season -- a season of dying to self and placing others before me.

i will choose to sing...pray...expect little...find beauty all around me and drink in how BIG and LOVING and KIND and FORGIVING my God is!

be blessed today friends!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I love blogging.
I simply wish I had more time for it.

I'm not sure where time goes.  I imagine it's all the 'other' things I choose to fill it with.  Playing time with my boy seems to fill most of my everyday.  I'm so thankful for that!

Today we were able to take daddy to coffee.  Those are the moments I desire to soak up and not ever underestimate its value in our lives.  I love that I'm home and can take daddy to coffee and am not worried about how dinner, bath time and bedtime will happen after a crazy day.

This life -- all that it is filled with, causes me to pause and appreciate...

It's good!  I'm grateful and oh so blessed!

Happy Wednesday!

My boy has begun to love posing for his mama.  This of course makes my heart melt and YES I oblige his every desire for a pose here and there!  He's fabulous!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's do 52

I've been recently experimenting with PTM actions and textures.  It's been quite a learning process as my love is the picture taking, not necessarily the editing piece.  I'm growing and that's the goal.  For this new year I desire growth...not only in photography, but in all areas of my life and what it encompasses.

Happy New Year All!  This is the photo I've edited to represent "all natural."

Here is the 2nd image representing "sharing." Cadee was willing to share her birthday with her Nasher; that's pretty sweet cousin lovin'!

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE