Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My head hurts. My right ear hurts. My eyes hurt. My nose is stuffy. 

I believe I have a classic sinus infection; yippee! Really, though...it's not too much fun.

In the midst of my feeling crappy I'm rather enjoying a fire my husband was kind enough to build (can you believe it's May 24th and we're burning a fire?!) and the rain falling softly outside the window while my babe enjoys his afternoon nap.

My heart is pained today. Pained for those who can't enjoy a fire or rain or even feeling crappy. Those in Joplin, Missouri who have lost it all. I know the storms have hit elsewhere recently but this one pains my heart because of connections. I know those people, not all of them, but Joplin was once home. There will always be a near and dear place in my heart for the season of life I spent there. The hospital I once worked at; gone. My roomate from college, her sister's home; gone. They have 4 kids and nothing right now; NOTHING! It's tragic! 

Currently I sit, enjoying this life, this moment I've been given.  I find myself feeling bad because I'm enjoying these moments and so many are not. This tragedy has been a reminder to me of so many things, it's not always the BIG events that cause others to not enjoy their moments; it's circumstances. So many right here in Laramie are not enjoying their moments because of conditions...not a natural disaster, but a disaster of their own circumstances. Today I'm reminded to pray -- it's simple, right?! 

Pray for those that cannot speak for themselves. Pray for restoration of communities around our world, restoration in marriage, parenting and relationships. Pray for wholeness and authenticity. Pray for those whose hearts feel as though there's nothing else. Simply pray...without ceasing...He hears me and I need to remember that!

Father, I come before you, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. The one who knows all and contains all. The one Father who has caused everything for purpose. You are good and I know that full well.  God, I cry out to you on behalf of those in Joplin and those affected by the storms. Hold them, comfort them, provide for them. Let them know that you are near. Continue to reveal yourself to them in ways unknown. Use those who still have to help offer comfort and provisions. Father cover that city. You are present and I give you praise for your presence! Bring restoration in full to Joplin Lord Jesus and protect them in the moments to come. 

Colossions 4:2
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The sun was shining (insert smiles here) and therefore it called for a celebration!

We were in Loveland yesterday and decided to swing by the park for some much needed sunshine.  

Nash LOVES the park and would stay all day everyday if we'd let him.

someone's hat is a little large...

there was this fabulous spinny seat that continually would spin due to the weight shifting...he enjoyed it!

Friday, May 20, 2011

this mama's heart

It is rare to shower alone these days.  Nash enjoys taking showers with mama and dada, no matter if he's showered already.  He hears the "show" come on and off he runs to join whoever may be in there.  Today I intentionally gave him a bath before my shower.  I was feeling the need for a bit of alone time in the shower today.  After he was dressed and ready for the day I informed him that he could play in his room while I showered.  I received a very concerned look as though he was stating, "Excuse me, I was planning on showering with you!"  He began pulling cars from his car bucket and was showing 'Pucky' his cars.  I took advantage and began my solo shower.

This is one reason why I LOVE this boy....upon my exit to check on him, this is what I found -- nothing makes this educator mama more happy....

Nash loves his books and I so love that about him!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

it's snowing; again...

I should know better than to believe that though it's May 12th the sun will shine in Laramie, Wyoming.

What?! Snow, you say; yes...it's currently snowing...and has been since yesterday.  Welcome to the best of Wyoming spring weather. Instead of moping about it though I've decided to embrace another day in my hoody and bake cinnamon swirl bread.  Surely carbs will help ones heart when waiting on that spring weather; right?!

Needless to say, I don't know whether it will help my physical heart, but it definitely helped my emotional heart and it fed a bit of my photo heart as well.  I have been loving following Recipe Girl's recipes and find that each one I've tried has been easy.  Due to this, I'll continue to cook/bake with her recipes close at hand!  If you haven't checked out her blog you definitely should!

I'm listening to Nash through the monitor cry "mama, mama, kitty, mama." I suppose if mama doesn't respond than maybe his kitty will?! You never know around here...

He has continued to brighten my everyday.  Today he's feeling a bit under the weather, but has been trooping through.  He is getting very good at jumping and loves an audience while he performs his jump. 

Over the past week (when the sun was shining) we spent quite a bit of time outside.  I was reminded that it is sunscreen season in our house. Nash is getting really good at bringing the "screen" to us before he exits to the backyard for his playtime.  I'm thankful he understands so much at just 1 1/2.  It helps this forgetful mama! 

We find ourselves daily enjoying some trampoline jumping, ice popsicles, balls, golfing, sitting, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and many other wonderful advantages to staying outside and enjoying all that's there!
Nash at 18 months, he cracks me up! This is probably one of my new favorite pictures of him!

I hope whether you find yourself stuck inside today because it's snowing or outside soaking up the beautiful rays that you're enjoying it regardless.  Happy Thursday to you!

Today we get to go to the circus; surely that will present a reason to smile; right?!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


the sun shone today; a lot! it was fabulous.  we took advantage and met friends at the park.

spring has arrived (and we are SO happy!)

to top our beautiful day off we celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style tonight.  good food; great family!

Monday, May 2, 2011


I find that this new theme (gratefulness) has become very fitting into my daily agenda. 

How much better than reading books, singing and praying over Nash and getting some giggles in as he goes down for the night does it get?! I don't think it gets better. He is one of my beloved.  I cannot imagine the love the Father has lavished over me if this is how I feel about this sweet boy.  He's going to turn 1 1/2 in just a week -- where has that time gone?!  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home. 

I'm constantly learning and growing as I get to focus on being Nash's mama and taking care of our family through my staying home.  It's amazing how hard it is at times to be the character witness I want around Nash.  This week we made a 'fruits of the spirit' tree to hang in the living room.  I was challenged in designing it due to not wanting to make my living room look like a preschool classroom.  We did okay I think.  Old magazines come in handy when going for a 'beyond construction paper' look. 

I placed the tree in the living room so that I would actually use it as a reminder for myself and a teaching tool for Nash as we learn about elements of character.  It's been really fun.  He likes to go to the verse and have me read it aloud.  He also likes pointing to each leaf as he says "tree."

This is just one of those moments that I rejoice in the opportunity to be home with him and have the chance to teach him more in depth in different ways. 

Nathan was getting his pic taken, Nash needed to assist with the "Cheese!" (His mama must take pics often!)

He is a growing and changing boy.  Sometimes I mourn how quickly it seems to be passing and then I'm reminded at who he's becoming.  As his mama I continue to dream so much for him.  He is pure delight even as he's developing more independence! The talking that continues to develop daily and the giggles, the kisses and hugs, the questioning, the curiosity...I know that this will only continue to grow, but how I'm enjoying it so already!

Here's the little man at his almost 1 1/2 year mark....oh, how he's loved!