Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello. Not many faithful followers, but I need to blog. I need to write. I need to grow. This is for those who will one day share my story. My fervent prayer is that it will be worth telling, worth learning from. Life is rich. It is unexpected. It is vibrant. Life takes many roads and we get to pursue those paths as chosen. This is good. I'm often challenged by the freedoms we're given. I sometimes wish I would choose to savour deeply ALL of these moments. The exciting. The mundane. The sad. The joyful. Life is good. I'm SO fortunate and oh so blessed! God continues to stir. To move. To speak. I continue to sometimes listen. Sometimes respond. I speak far too much! My heart's desire is to be HIS. His alone. This causes tension in the depths. It causes an aching sometimes unbearable. Why do I choose to fight this beautiful dance He chooses to offer? He is holy. I am not. He is pure. I am not. He is faithful. I am not. Today I choose Him. Not me, but Him. I will fall. I'll choose to get up again and follow. His leading is far beyond me and today I rejoice in that! He is God! I am His!


  1. Well said! thanks!

  2. Good words, friend. "His leading is far beyond me" ---good to remember. Love you, Steph!