Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our Sweet School Time

This sweet boy... this almost 3 years old boy...this soak it all in boy...
He's MINE and I'm so grateful!

We began our official launch of preschool this Fall. Last year we enjoyed many school like activities, but this year we're beginning to have a somewhat normal preschool routine in our home. He thinks it's great that he gets to go to school, even though it simply means pulling out our school table, chair and supplies. It's such a delight to watch him take it all in and desire to learn and grow each day! I love that I get to be his teacher! What a gift it is to be home with him each and every day! 

We have been enjoying many activities lately. The weather is changing and we both LOVE watching the leaves fall from the trees as we embrace wonderful Fall! 

sorting bugs in muffin tins

building towers using Lego Duplos and practicing patterning and quantifying

playing parking lot to work on # recognition

coloring a pumpkin from our garden

drawing a story and telling mama about it

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  1. What wonderful experiences you'll both have to look back on! I just love your beautiful pics and hearing about your amazing journey!!