Sunday, March 13, 2011

a new look

I was humbled this week as I encountered the first bad haircut for the Nasher.  We loved his shaggy dag hair and have trimmed it twice already.  This week Nash and I went in for our haircuts and didn't leave quite as satisfied as we've been in the past.  We LOVE our hair dresser, but this week was apparently not the week to simply get a trim for the Nashman.  He left looking so terrible! 

It was quite tragic actually.  I am not one to complain outright, so I left acting satisfied.  Once home, Eric was quick to comment on the badness of the haircut which then had me worried about just how terrible the cut really was.  I found myself thinking about what a bad mama I was for letting him leave the salon looking like he did.

I was quite attached to his shaggy locks and was so sad to see them gone.  As you can tell by the pictures he left with some shag, but it wasn't possible to keep it all due to the shortness of his 'bangs.'  Saturday morning I donned the new hat entitled "hairdresser."  This was a first in the realm of cutting a 16 month olds' locks while crossing my fingers hoping that it would be better than the result we left with the day before.  Nash was quite the trooper and allowed me to start snipping.  We did the best we could and definitely all agree it's far better than what it looked liked before. 

Isn't it amazing how much we worry about those darn outward appearances...thankfully he's beautiful regardless of how terrible the haircut was!


  1. You rock! You totally fixed his cut - still not his beautiful shag, but so cute and stylish still! Good job, Mom!

  2. You know what?! You did a fantastic job! I seriously wish I could have come to help you out but no need sister! You did amazing!!

  3. Next time ask me about the whack job I got on my bangs when I was little. (and it wasn't me that did it!) You did a great job fixing the mistake. You are a great mom!!