Wednesday, March 2, 2011

major decisions

It's amazing how quickly my heart can be swayed one way or another.  Today is Wednesday.  It is the one day a week I work. 

Last year I gave my resignation decision about this time (I have tenure so I was able to take a year off with my job being garanteed for the following year).  Everyone knew I was to take this current teaching year off.  Well...

It's now a year later and it's time to make the MAJOR decision of should I come back or not?! 

Who knew how hard this decision would be?

When home I have no doubt whatsoever that I'm where I need to be and doing exactly what I need to be doing.  When at school it is so easy to be swayed with the direction of: "you should really go back."

Today was the kicker: first thing this morning I was pulled into the office to discuss what I should do next year.  How I've been missed, how certain kids would really benefit from my being their teacher, etc., etc. I went in confidently believing that I'm RIGHT where I need to be; home with Nash.  I left feeling the pressure of "maybe you should go back."

Needless to say, I now have a huge headache and no idea what the right answer is or if there really is a right or wrong answer in this decision.

Prayer -- that's what I'll spend the next several days doing.  Praying about where I need to be, not for my own sake but for the sake of my family and most importantly the sake of being where God wants me to be. 

I love my life -- I just don't know if I love making the major decisions that come alongside....


  1. Oh, Steph. I love you friend. I will pray with you as you make this decision. Let me know if you need to talk through anything. I'm here to listen!

    Is your part-time position still an option?

  2. I can't stand making decisions. Sometimes I just wish that they were always made for me, but I think that decision making allows for us to practice once again seeking God's direction in our lives, trusting that whatever decision we make HE IS BIGGER than that and will bring goodness and glory from that decision. I hope that you find complete peace in whatever decision you make.

    p.s. it was great to see your family the other night.