Tuesday, December 14, 2010

where does the time go?

Blogging...was supposed to be my weekly 'time to myself' moment, but it just hasn't happened lately.  I miss writing and posting random thoughts for whomever may happen to read them.

Life has been busy.  Stacks of gifts have been purchased, cards have been mailed (if you happen to live in South Korea your card may arrive postage due; I accidently sent it with a regular stamp and it hasn't yet found it's way back to my mailbox), baking has begun and Christmas music plays in the background ALWAYS!  I love this season and am so thankful to be able to enjoy it.  It's been amazing simply being home. 

My photos are on display at a local coffee shop.  I have received a lot of feedback which has been nice.  I have taken to shooting in manual mode on my camera and am learning and growing daily as a photographer.  My official business license arrived a few weeks ago.  It's such a blessing to have a hobby I love so deeply!  I've gotten to take several studio sessions lately which is also causing growth in my skills.  I love the great outdoors and natural lighting, learning indoor lighting kicks my butt!  I'm grateful for friends and clients who continue to come over so I can figure it out!

Life...keeping us all busy! 

Today though I'm choosing to remember that this season is truly about a babe who loved us so deeply that He was chosen for this world -- our redeemer who would give Himself at the cross so that I have life and those who believe also have life everlasting.  Thank you Jesus!

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  1. hehehe. We've already received a couple cards with only one stamp but no postage due...so either something comes back to you -- or you lucked out! (and so do we).

    Not to give away any secrets or anything...but there should be a little something arriving FROM South Korea to your home ;)

    Love you friend.