Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Capture -- Inspiration

Daily I am inspired by many things...what to capture through my lens was the challenge this week.  As I reflected on the things that inspire me I was reminded about how incredibly FULL my life truly is. 

I am inspired by young woman crawling out of bed to meet for our 6:30am Bible study (no camera in tow for our study though...), my son who moment by moment reminds me that he is a gift and that because of him I desire to be a better disciple, wife and mama.  I desire so deeply to give him the world and to one day know I did a great job raising him. 

I am also inspired to be a better photography daily.  This has been a definite challenge because it's self taught currently.  I find myself reading and rereading articles and magazines and blogs in order to get the newest tool in my box to try out.  I have been LOVING my new camera, but have SO much to learn about it.  I desire to figure out lighting in it's natural state because I don't enjoy editing photos.  I want to capture moments in their pure form the first time I shoot -- I will continue to be inspired by all that's around me in this regard!  This week I chose to post the pictures of ornaments on our tree.  The inspiration was the lights behind the ornaments and capturing the details of the great fisher price classics.  Enjoy!


  1. those are the cutest little ornaments!!!!

  2. Steph Cooley friend, YOU inspire me. And I love you.

  3. Awesome! A bible study at 6 a.m.? We have a prayer meeting once a week at 5:30 a.m. Study sounds way harder.

  4. Great Macro of the ornaments. It's always hard to get the lighting right in christmas tree photos.