Monday, January 10, 2011

You Capture; Top 10 of 2010

This year I took photo after photo after photo.  Choosing a top 10 was incredibly hard.  I am a photographer of people and have such a passion for the emotion that's captured.  Here's a small glimpse into 10 of my very favorite photos from 2010.  They are in no particular order.

Nash at 9 months sitting pool side in Coca, Ecuador.

Nash and daddy riding the ATV at Aunt Michelle's

Ellie and Patty -- a dear friend and her daughter from a photo session

Baby Aviah

There aren't enough words for this moment -- I LOVE these two and this shot captured them FULLY!

Aunt Sarah lovin' Nash

This is probably my #1 from the year -- I simply love the expression caught right after nap time!  My how he's grown in the past two months!

Nash experiencing bubbles for the first time

My gnome

This sweet boy is such a gift! 
2010 brought much growth to my photography skills.  I am currently the proud business license holder of SCPhotography.  I am averaging about 2 sessions each month.  In November, I began shooting manually only. This has been a big challenge as I'm still teaching myself all about lighting, aperature, f-stops, etc. etc.

I continue to draw such a passion from taking photos though -- so I will continue this path and keep learning as I go.  Be looking for doorways in the next YOU CAPTURE challenge.  I'm excited to seek some out this week!

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