Thursday, February 3, 2011

life it does for all.

we can choose to embrace all that comes or simply pretend the mundane moments don't exist.

in our home the mundane occurs; sometimes often.

i am so thankful for those moments. 

they are making my life that much richer each and everyday.

our son is growing and changing so quickly.

what a blessing to be home with him to know his personality so closely and to be able to be the person he chooses as his safe place.

it's a gift that words will never completely describe.

this life is constantly changing in ways not always expected, but i'm so grateful to share it with an incredible husband and son!


  1. What a great picture of Eric & Nash! Love it! Nice to see your blog show up in my reader again! :)

  2. Agreed - nice to see you in the blog land again. Been missing your face - thankful for the Christmas card still hanging on my wall reminding me of you and your beautiful family.