Monday, May 2, 2011


I find that this new theme (gratefulness) has become very fitting into my daily agenda. 

How much better than reading books, singing and praying over Nash and getting some giggles in as he goes down for the night does it get?! I don't think it gets better. He is one of my beloved.  I cannot imagine the love the Father has lavished over me if this is how I feel about this sweet boy.  He's going to turn 1 1/2 in just a week -- where has that time gone?!  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home. 

I'm constantly learning and growing as I get to focus on being Nash's mama and taking care of our family through my staying home.  It's amazing how hard it is at times to be the character witness I want around Nash.  This week we made a 'fruits of the spirit' tree to hang in the living room.  I was challenged in designing it due to not wanting to make my living room look like a preschool classroom.  We did okay I think.  Old magazines come in handy when going for a 'beyond construction paper' look. 

I placed the tree in the living room so that I would actually use it as a reminder for myself and a teaching tool for Nash as we learn about elements of character.  It's been really fun.  He likes to go to the verse and have me read it aloud.  He also likes pointing to each leaf as he says "tree."

This is just one of those moments that I rejoice in the opportunity to be home with him and have the chance to teach him more in depth in different ways. 

Nathan was getting his pic taken, Nash needed to assist with the "Cheese!" (His mama must take pics often!)

He is a growing and changing boy.  Sometimes I mourn how quickly it seems to be passing and then I'm reminded at who he's becoming.  As his mama I continue to dream so much for him.  He is pure delight even as he's developing more independence! The talking that continues to develop daily and the giggles, the kisses and hugs, the questioning, the curiosity...I know that this will only continue to grow, but how I'm enjoying it so already!

Here's the little man at his almost 1 1/2 year mark....oh, how he's loved!


  1. Love the tree you made! :) I'm totally stealing the idea and making this with Eli. Is that okay? :) Although he is old enough I will let him do some of it so it won't look nearly as beautiful as this. Good job! :)

    Have you seen the art piece at the Curiosity Shoppe that has the Fruit of the Spirit on it? I LOVE it and really want to re-create it so its cheaper & made by me. Nervous but I need to just give it a try!

  2. Speaking of better come and catch up with Otto. He's up to 15 lbs. and is ringing the bells to go outside! :) He's not small anymore. I'm loving these pictures.