Friday, May 20, 2011

this mama's heart

It is rare to shower alone these days.  Nash enjoys taking showers with mama and dada, no matter if he's showered already.  He hears the "show" come on and off he runs to join whoever may be in there.  Today I intentionally gave him a bath before my shower.  I was feeling the need for a bit of alone time in the shower today.  After he was dressed and ready for the day I informed him that he could play in his room while I showered.  I received a very concerned look as though he was stating, "Excuse me, I was planning on showering with you!"  He began pulling cars from his car bucket and was showing 'Pucky' his cars.  I took advantage and began my solo shower.

This is one reason why I LOVE this boy....upon my exit to check on him, this is what I found -- nothing makes this educator mama more happy....

Nash loves his books and I so love that about him!


  1. My goodness...Nash has some pretty awesome hair. Simeon might have that much when he's 5! :) Way to develop of love for makes my heart so happy to see my kids enjoy it so much too. If I don't get in the shower before Eli is up then he just sits on my bed for a LONG time reading books independently. It's pretty fantastic!

    On a completely different note. Nash's closet doors make a great spot for photos. ;)

  2. ohmygoodness, isn't that the best? I loved those moments (and still do) when I found my babes reading in their closets...I love when they love learning. You are such a good mama, my dear.