Friday, October 29, 2010


so...i'm giving this a shot.  there's a blog that encourages one to enter weekly photos based on a topic.  this week it's autumn.  here goes...i have no idea if i'm doing it correctly or not --

autumn bounty

getting mr. pirate pumpkin ready for the doorstep

my very first roasted pumpkin

leaves...need i say more?!

this is why i love autumn!!!

enjoy your autumn day with your loved ones!
youcapture 4-1


  1. I really LOVE that you'll be doing this - I always LOVE seeing what Shelley does and am excited to have two lovely friends and photographers to keep track of :)

    BEAUTIFUL shots friend, beautiful!

  2. Great shots and welcome to You capture. glad to have more photos to view. :)

  3. I've never heard of roasted pumpkin before but it looks like something I will have to try. Also, your gnome is the cutest!