Thursday, October 14, 2010

the simplicity of saturdays

Can a day be simple if it's busy throughout?  Definitely!  A few Saturdays ago we had a terrific time as a family.  We seem to spend much of our weekends together, but this day was better for some reason.  It was just a day of no agendas and taking in all that was around. 

Our day was spent fishing, touring some of the small lakes west of Laramie, rock hunting, breathing in the beautiful scenery, lots and lots of picture taking, lunch at a cafe in Woodslanding, delicious food tasted and devoured, conversing about life while driving, time at home, an evening walk to Hastings where we enjoyed happy hour with free doughnuts and then the return walk home.  

The day was wonderful.  My heart was reminded of the blessings that come so richly from family.  Spending the day with my two boys was so refreshing!  I look forward to more simple Saturdays!

random hoola hoops -- the things you see while walking...

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  1. I love your Saturday. I feel refreshed! Lovely photos. AND is that a carrot from the garden we helped plant? I can't believe I haven't asked you how your garden grew!?! How'd it grow?