Tuesday, October 26, 2010

time; where does it go?

this reoccuring thought continues through my mind...where does time go? 

i have a huge list of 'things' to get accomplished, but have not yet been able to find the time.  there are many projects waiting for me, but again...i cannot seem to find the time. 

my time is consumed in so many good ways that i can't complain.  there are multiple moments where i wish i could stop the clock and continue enjoying the moments around me just so i can get more fit into my 24 hours each day. 

the clock continues and my lists pile up and i continue to ponder -- where is my time going?!

daily i am reminded about what's important and what can wait.  being nash's mama has become a priority and often when i'm in the midst of accomplishing a task off of my list he needs me.  it's a very easy decision to drop all that i'm in the midst of to just be what he's needing.  i love that! 

it's such a blessing to have the chance to just be his mama. i am so thankful that for this season of life. what a gift to be home and have the opportunity day in and day out to just be me; wife, mama, friend...i'm very thankful!

laundry's going, dinner's cooking, nasher is sleeping and his mama is taking a moment to be her -- a little writing and reflecting, browsing of photographs, and a cup of coffee -- this is definitely the LIFE!

here is a glimpse of our life as we have just been...

eric was my assistant during a current wedding shoot

celebrating the big 32 with nash and eric

daddy and nash's pirate pumpkin

spending time with a dear friend

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