Thursday, October 14, 2010

a lot to blog about...

Life has continued to keep us busy.  We have enjoyed friends, family and going on new adventures.  Nash continues to change daily and is developing in multiple ways.  He daily encourages us and reminds us of what a tremendous gift he is in our lives. 

his new bear crawl move
 We have been able to see God's hand moving in many ways in our lives as we raise this precious boy! 

The other night we enjoyed an evening hike at Turtle Rock Trail in Vedauwoo.  It was a bit dreary, but as we hiked and enjoyed a light sprinkle we were reminded of the awesome beauty that surrounds us right where we live.  Our evening was spent enjoying one another.  It seems that this comes more often lately. I'm amazed at how God is growing my heart to find time with family as a treasure rather than a norm in my life. 

Eric turned 37 this past week.  We decided to have a nice dinner and evening at home to celebrate.  It's nice to enjoy a special occasion at home every now and then.  We enjoyed spaghetti, french bread and salad for our meal and then topped it off with a super yummy carrot cake.  Nash enjoyed his share of the tastes and though carrot cake was delightful!  It was a great night celebrating the life God has blessed Eric with and the joy he brings to our family.  He is a wonderful man to have by my side.  I am super thankful that the Lord brought him into my life!  Nash enjoyed dad's presents as much as dad!

Eric did it...He bought an incredibly priceless gift for Nash's 1st birthday.  I'm sure there are others in this world who have received something like this, but I'm sure it's incredibly rare.  Nash and Eric are now the proud owners of a 1950 Nash Ambassador.  The rusty and delapidated car will be arriving at our home this weekend if Eric has his way.  I loved how he looked at all the potential it had!  I was having a hard time looking beyond the 'pile'  I was seeing. 

Really, though, it's beautiful in several ways.  I cannot wait to see the adventures Eric will have with Nash as they make it run.  It will be by far the greatest 1st and 16th birthday gift a boy could ever want!

there's nothing like a picnic in the target parking lot!
 There is something magical about a pumpkin patch I've decided.  Maybe it's the Fall colors in their glory, or the bustling about of all gathered there, or simply the fun that surrounds.  Whatever it may be, it's fabulous!  For Eric's birthday weekend we traveled to Platteville, Colorado and met friends and family to celebrate.  We were thrilled to find out that for our entry fee we were able to get on a hay ride and pick veggies to take home.  We had a great time on our 3 hour hay ride.  We came home with 12 ten pound bags of fresh vegetables and 8 pumpkins.  It was a well spent $30.  The time with friends and family was precious and watching Nash enjoy his first vegetable picking experience was definitely priceless!  The bounty has been keeping me busy as I've been preparing the veggies.  I'm learning a lot as I go! 

This week Nash and I headed to Casper to see friends.  We enjoyed the Fall weather at the park.  Our friends are definitely a precious part of our lives!  We are blessed in numerous ways!

A sweet little baby girl that we love deeply has begun hanging out with us one day a week.  We are looking forward to all that she will add to our home!

God is good, God is great -- let's dance!


  1. Did they have a life size Tow-Mater? If so...we so have to take Eli there! :)

  2. He was really there. Eli would LOVE him. There are other cars there too. The kids enter free and if you don't want to take any food home I believe it's free to simply go and visit.

  3. Love reading about you all. Happy Birthday Eric from your#1 one fan, Klaus! and his Mom and Dad!

  4. Wow! TONS of great photos here! Jealous of the car. Definitely wouldn't mind knowing how to do all that fix me up stuff...maybe eventually!