Friday, April 29, 2011

moments come and go

where in the world do the moments i so deeply desire to write about go?

i'm not sure what happens with my 24 hours each day, but somehow regularly i'm feeling as though i was jipped in the hours per day department.  i'm sure many of you feel this way all too often.

that's where i sit currently.

the things to get done only daily increase, the moments i was hoping to "get that done" seem to decrease...this life i have is blessed even when i don't get to everything i was hoping to. 

spending time with my family trumps all and i'm completely ok with that!

Here are some of those moments that I was hoping to have all the eloquent words to blog about...the words will be missing, but the photos completely present.  We enjoyed an evening with friends this week and I noted that Josh gets cake because of Amanda's desire to learn more about cake decorating and baking.  I jokingly told Eric that he gets photos; lots and lots of photos.  It's not edible, but it's capturing those memories.  Sorry Eric!

We spent last Wednesday dying eggs with Josh and Amanda.  Nash loved his first egg encounter.  He was a bit confused as to why he couldn't throw the eggs like a ball.  Dad was most hesitant as dye covered the table and Nash's hand hung out with the color orange all night.  I got what I wanted; moments captured digitally.  I don't remember dying eggs as a little one, so I want to make sure that Nash gets the full experience that he should receive.  It was fabulous!

Nash received his first easter gift last week as well.  Grandma Lue sent home a goodie bag from work with me and I gave it to Nash.  He hasn't had candy before and was overwhelmed with delight when an egg popped open and there were robin eggs and jelly beans.  How in the world he knew about the candy, I don't know, but he definitely knew just what to do.  He shoved as much in his mouth that would fit and didn't find much delight when mama took the eggs away before all was inhaled.  He is loved by so many!
We spent Easter weekend with our families.  Saturday was spent at my sister's house with all the cousins.  We had a blast!  Family is a blessing -- I don't know if I truly comprehend the depth of gratitude that I should for being able to spend time with family.  I'm growing in this area and desire to continue...I don't want to miss any opportunities.  I'm so thankful that our families are close and that Nash is learning and growing as he relates to everyone.

There were four wheeler rides, trike rides, baseballs to catch, a trampoline to jump on, games to play, food to eat, birthday cake, eggs to hunt, and SO much more!  Our day was filled, but full of fun!

We were amazed at how well Nash did with egg hunting.  It was as though he's known all along what to do.
See an egg, grab it and throw in basket...repeat until all eggs have been acounted for. (smart boy this one!)

There was a memory game attached to the box of dye for the eggs.  I didn't know if Nash would understand what to do or not, so I cut the cards out and introduced him to the game.  I left all the cards face up hoping he could simply make the matches.  He could.  I was somewhat surprised, but delighted that he knew what to do.  We've been enjoying a game of memory each day since.  He likes to pair the cards up and of course I'm delighted that he understands the concept!
This boy is a delight!  We are so blessed to share life with him and feel so honored that the Lord has given him to us -- what a precious, precious gift!


  1. you captured such beautiful pictures steph...what a little doll Nash is! lol, you are going to die...but, you know me and my love affair with, i feel i can ask...umm...whose orange floral chair is that? and can i buy it?! lol...someone has good taste. but back to your are truly talented my dear. i need some assistance in the photo area...perhaps i should start with lessons on how not to break a camera.

  2. He's rockin' his Strider. Just this week Sim started riding it unassisted. It's so great! :) We will have to have a bike-ride date to Prexy's this summer. Its a great place to take the boys to ride when the students are gone. :)