Thursday, September 16, 2010

embracing our summer memories

In the midst of my desire to blog more i'm going to do just that. 

Our summer has been absolutely fantastic.  One special little boy has definitely had his share of incredible moments!  His mama and daddy were delighted to sit back and watch as he soaked in life. 

Summer beckoned us to Denver and we of course had to stop and visit Sarah and Selah while there.  We were very thankful to have multiple trips this summer to see them!  Nash and Selah enjoyed our visit to the Children's Musuem.  It's hard to believe that the picture above was just taken in June.  Nash has grown SO much since then!

At the end of June our family headed to Albuquerque to see family and celebrate Grandpa Nash's life.  We were able to connect with Eric's cousin and meet his sweet son Ben and Ben's mama Pam.  It was a wonderful weekend celebrating and embracing the family we are surrounded with.

lovin' from gma cyndy
 This summer was filled with moments of book reading, blowing bubbles, visiting parks with friends, camping, South America and simply enjoyment.  We tried to take in everything we possibly could to the FULL.  Our days were busy but filled with bliss. 

nash enjoyed his very first boat ride on the 4th of July and took his buddy Gus along
tuckered out from camp
reading his book
nash has been busy growing teeth all summer
enjoying the dog show at the county fair
lovin' the animals at county fair
we joined andrew and nichole for our county fair fun
alac visited and nash enjoyed him so much!
loved his camping adventures and the johnny jump up!
bubbles were one of nash's new favorites this summer
park days with friends = delight!
he figured out crawling
and standing...
how he loves his tonka truck
soakin' in the sun in his pool
oh how he was loved in Ecuador!
enjoyed the beach with his buddy nathan
1st Rockies Game
Our summer in a nutshell...we had a BLAST!

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