Wednesday, September 15, 2010

new and hopefully improved

it's been too long for myself personally.  for those of you wanting to read about this life of mine...well it's your lucky day...i have chosen to begin this writing journey (again).  i love to write and have not done so in too long.  it is my hope to simply have a venue to catch those things that go on in and around me upon the paper so that i have a record of the moments to remember later on. 

this little boy has spent his days captivating his mama's heart.  i'm staying home with nash this year and loving every minute of it!  we have experienced the hand of god as he continues to fully provide for all of our needs on one income.  it is such a rich place to be in multiple ways!

eric, nash and i headed to ecuador in august and had such a wonderful time!  we were blessed by many through prayers, encouragement and financial support.  what a joy to experience all that god had in mind for our family!  it was such a delight to take nash and to see god use him as a sweet babe in another country.  he made many new friends and traveled absolutely wonderfully!

37 north americans traveled with our team.  595 professions of faith were made.  125 people received dental care. over 300 received medical care.  ten churches were started.  numerous children were loved on throughout the week.  many received eyeglasses and many lives were transformed in ways we will never fully understand.  ten villages also received new water filtration systems.  what an amazing week!

nash enjoying his first waterslide
 here are some pictures highlighting the trip.  thank you to all who supported us in endless ways so that we could have this experience!  we are so grateful!

nash enjoyed the pool after being in the heat of the jungle all day!

eric sharing the gospel

dr. larry getting ready to extract a tooth.  i was able to be his assistant all week; it was great!

nash and his ecuadorian friend who was just a week older than him

a taste of the jungle

spenser enjoying some children's ministry bubble action

the blue team

sam was my translator and was totally grossed out by the dental work all week, but had to have his picture with blood taken before the week was over.  he was such a blessing to dr. larry and I!

karina loved nash so much, she was a ministry partner (translator) on the other team, but found us each day so she could get some nash lovin'

pastor brad and diana sharing the aids cube

the equator was one of my definite highlights!  it was an amazing place to visit and experience.  it's amazing how such a small line can influence so much.  we had a great time enjoying the tourist moments while there!  we even got our passports stamped while there...well worth the trip!