Friday, September 17, 2010

a rockin' chair!

after a camping trip this summer eric, nash and i were driving home through walden, colorado and happened upon the cutest store EVER!  i drove by the store, saw some chairs out front that caught my eye, so we turned around to go inside.  the chairs outside were fabulous, but the treasures inside were endless! (  i fell in love with all of it!  thankfully there are limits in life and i had to exercise them that day.  i came home with a bright yellow lawn chair, an old wooden basket, a gas can and an absolutely amazing blue chair. 

the sweet blue chair will be in my garage for years to come i'm certain.  if you feel the need to come check it out in person, let me know.  it makes for some sweet shots!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely, sweet!! He is such a combo of you both! Watching him grow up through pictures is not near as fun, but warms my heart all the same! What a great momma you are! miss you!