Sunday, September 19, 2010


So the adventure begins.  I have a little boy so naturally that means there will be dirt involved.  He's such a sweet boy so his mama is always making sure he's fairly clean.  Daddy insisted that he play in the garage while he got his fishing gear packed for his fishing trip. Nash was elated!  He had toys to play with while he scooted on our VERY filthy garage floor babbling and simply having a great time.  Eric worked on getting his poles ready while I sat back thinking to myself, 'how am I going to get this little boy inside without getting filthy myself?'  A bath was first on our agenda upon reentering the house. 

I'll eventually get used to the dirt and join in on occasion I'm sure.


  1. Man oh man, that is one thing about boys! They are ALWAYS dirty! It's like they're little magnets to the stuff! But I love it! Nothing like a little dirty foot or face.

  2. Look at his beautiful (manly for Eric ;)) long blonde hair!

  3. I cannot believe how big Nash has gotten in just a few months since we were last with you. About dirty boys--just wait until his feet start stinking!!!