Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ya ya apple picking fun

what a day was had this past saturday in my humble opinion.  we joined eric's family for a day at the ya ya orchard in longmont, colorado.  there was eye rolling from some and lack of enthusiasm, but i was super excited for this day.  each adventure we're able to take nash on excites me.  i too had never been to an orchard to pick apples and was excited about going. 

the orchard was beautiful.  there were horses, donkeys, hay rides, apples, honey, the BEST tasting apple cider donuts best if dipped in their cider, chickens, long walks and beauty everywhere you looked.  it is nestled off the highway and is just perfect.  someday i hope to find ourselves living in such a place. 

the day was fabulous.  nash loved the apples, the picking of the apples, the animals and especially his first taste of the most delicious sugary donut!  we had a great time watching the kids get excited about picking the apples. 

it's worth the time if you find yourself near longmont.  check them out.  it's a great saturday morning activity!  http://www.yayafarmandorchard.com/

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  1. Apple Cider Doughnut! Apple Cider!!! Looks like I have another item on my list of things to make in the crock-pot...the Cider, that is :)

    Love this and the pics!