Tuesday, April 19, 2011

kisses; kisses for mama


This is what I call VICTORY

Today my sweet little man devoured me with his delicious kisses.

They were random, but incredibly delightful upon receipt.  

He would run towards me and I'd scoop his squishy little body towards mine.  He would open his mouth and begin the assault.  They were wet and delectable! 

Oh, how much my heart loves this boy! 

I grabbed the camera for a taste of the moment, but cameras distract my man.  He wanted to know what mama was up to rather than continue his plaster.  Needless to say, I caught some of his sweetness regardless.

Our day was filled with pure bliss today.  We stayed in. 
The school bus picked up the kids next door, so we watched.
Laundry needed done, so in the midst of washing, drying and folding, we used the basket as a train.
Books needed read, so we read and read and read much to our delight.

Today was a reminder of how incredibly blessed we are to have a parent home full time.  It's a joy!

The day ended with one of Nash's favorite activities; bath time.


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