Monday, April 4, 2011


to texas and back.

that's what we've been doing.

great friends!
great food! (so much food!)
great trip!

Eric had business in Houston and our dear friends moved there in October.  We were thrilled to get to extend his business and make a mini vacay.  We stayed with our friends at the beginning and end of our trip and enjoyed a hotel in between.  All in all it was a blast! 

I was able to do an engagement setting while there, so Eric and I enjoyed an afternoon date day as well.  It's a rare occasion these days -- we savored it!  There are perks to visiting friends!

There definitely were the moments of travel that one would expect especially with a 16 month old along for the ride.  Nash was a trooper and dealt well with feeling crummy more than once.  It's no fun traveling with teeth in tow!  We spent a day in Galveston even though it was chilly.  Andrew and Nash loved it, as did their parents!

Our trip was great.  There are many more pictures to come.  This post was brought to you by nap #2 today. 


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