Monday, April 11, 2011

our new friend Otto

this weekend we got to meet otto.

he is sweet. brown and white in color. likes to chew. enjoys chasing and jumping at nash.

otto is our new friend!

Nash also enjoyed checking out this butterfly in a jar that Miss Nanc had...


  1. What a matched set. Like Wilson and Chester (reference K. Henkes). Had a blast! Thanks. Brad is ready for more, me too! So is Otto!!! See you at Swimming!

  2. What beautiful photos of Nash and Otto! You are blessed to have such a dear friend in Miss Nanc! She has been a true and faithful friend to us for 20+ years. Wish she and Otto and family lived closer to us...wishful thinking!
    love and prayers for you and your family,
    PS If you enjoy photography and faith centered blogs check out:

  3. Otto...a dog...REALLY!!!!!!!?????????


    (That's all).