Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making Memories

In learning to be more thankful I'm doing my best to be grateful even in the midst of the mundane. 

Staying home has blessed me in more ways than one can fully express in words and often actions.  I don't ever want to take for granted what I have; each and every moment of the day

To love my family more whole-heartedly and do the best I can in raising a disciple who will one day give his life to Jesus; that's my daily prayer. 

It requires much from me: I can be selfish, prideful, ungrateful and impatient much of the time.  Daily I'm learning that life is so much more than me.  Sometimes that's a hard concept to grasp, but thankfully I'm daily choosing to see this more evidently.  I have been given a loving husband who fully supports me and a beautiful son in which God has entrusted me as his mama.  What more could I truly desire?!  This is the life.  The prayers I prayed for many years -- they have been answered and placed in front of me. 

Because of that I choose to make memories.  Those moments that take my breath away or cause my heart to flutter...they are captivating this wife and mama heart of mine. 

Spending some time and money at Wal-Mart with my little man proved for an incredibly fun evening as a family.  Nash loves being outside and absolutely HATES when mama and daddy call him in.  Simple treasures that make one 17 month old incredibly happy -- this is the life!

Planes, trains and automobiles -- well for this boy, it's baskets, blankets, books and trains.  He has fallen in love and for that we celebrate!

A trip to our local Murdochs.  Precious beyond words.  There was much saddness that had because we couldn't handle the chicks.  I was dreaming of a picture with Nash sqeezing most of the life out of one -- those moments that photographers dream of...that was mine.  I'm sure that's why there were large signs posted everywhere about how we were NOT TO HANDLE THE CHICKS.  I'm a rule follower, so we didn't even pet them.  We peeked and peeped and enjoyed them running around in their given trough.  It was fabulous!  Free entertainment for a little man and his mama -- who could ask for more?!

The moment I hadn't dreamed of, that's the one today that places much gratefulness in this heart.  Murdoch's has this beautiful rusty tin outside of it's building.  It was the perfect spot to place my little man, tie and all.  He was glad to obey mama and have a seat by the wall.  I took the brief moment and caught Nash lovin' life. Watching the traffic go by and looking at all of the farm gear would have captivated him for much of the day.  His soul loves the great outdoors!  He even offered his new "peeueh" pose for my lens.  Those mundane moments...those brief periods where nothing could take away the love you feel for this little person....those grins...the glorious bellows that flow from his insides way deep down to express his excitement for life....THOSE are the moments in which I realize just how incredibly blessed I am. 


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