Wednesday, April 6, 2011

this daily journey

This road on which I travel is filled with blessings, turmoil, anguish, joy, laughter, delight and a mix of many other emotions.  My heart is often found complely swelled with wonder at moments and then there are the moments where I feel I'm barely holding it together.

A trip to Sugar Land, Texas provided renewal for my soul -- deep down.  Friends. It's refreshing to sit and sip coffee and share ourselves deeply.  I had no idea how one year ago my life would be changed through such a friendship.   Thankfully it isn't I who needs to know or even comprehend, but simply go where God asks.  

One year ago I was in the midst of daycare dread -- it was a dark, dank burden over our family. A friend reached out and offered her and her family's blessing toward our family.  She began loving on our boy five days a week for the remaining eight weeks of school.  This opened up more opportunities than I can name.  

Those precious friends have since moved from our community to a new one.  They are daily reaching out within their new home and making those same prints on those around them.  I got to take this in this past week.  This trip allowed me to be the observer.  To see just a glimpse of why God calls people elsewhere.  Sugar Land is being graced by three beautiful souls and those three are being graced by multiple souls as well.  

The community of Christ is beautiful and it exists all around.  I LOVE THAT!  

In February our family was rocked a bit.  This precious friend sent a book my way in hopes to restore some of the hope that was lost through miscarriage and tragedy.  This book has begun rocking my walk this week.  It's called One Thousand Gifts and I'm in love...I'm in love with the writing spread over each page, the challenges placed before me and the beautiful new ways in which familiar scripture has come to personally touch my soul to the depths.  It has sprung forth this new vigor.  One I should have never lacked, but somehow found myself lacking.  I have been reminded of the GOOD and amazingly loving Father I serve.  

These three words are a challenge that I hope I can truly live out each day -- each moment -- each opportunity.  It will require growth, patience and trust.  Three things I'm not necessarily great at, but today willing; today I'm willing to ask the Father to lead, to guide, to show...

joy     grace     thankfulness

May my life not be lived out with an ungrateful heart, but one that chooses to see the glory that is right beside me in those moments....those moments that are constantly gracing the pages of this life as my lungs continually breath in and and and out...


  1. It is amazing what will happen when we let God lead us instead of trying to drive the bus, be tour guide and put on the show! It's a lot easier to pick an outfit and show up. Right now picking out that outfit is harder as Otto like to run off with various pieces, like my underware or socks! Better come soon...

  2. i cannot wait to read this are seriously the fourth person in a week to tell me about it!! you have a way with words my dear, thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I appriciate this post. And am beginning to feel left out of the make-shift unofficial book club for One Thousand Gifts ;)

    Love you friend!

  4. What a sweet post, I am all teared up. I am so glad you enjoying that book, I know I will never be the same. You too are a beautiful writer! Love you and miss you. Nichole